About Us

We provide high quality organic products. We produce all our food such as alfalfa, barley and hay within about 500 days. All fields are fertilized with natural fertilizer directly from the barn. In order to ensure good health, the animals can roam freely until the time when they are lactating to feed on the natural food source. The Animal Health Program was developed in collaboration of Maku (Veterinary Faculty) tenants. The animal is observed from birth to lactation and ensures health. The required vaccinations are carried out with the help of university staff. Our goal is to reach more people worldwide with the healthiest milk.


Kechies Natural Goat Milk Product

Kechies Switzerland : Kirchweg 20 8102 Oberengstringen ZH - Schweiz

Kechies Germany : Wilhelm str. 11 47169 Duisburg  Deutschland

Kechies Goat Production Plant : Hürriyet Mahallesi Başpınar Mevkii Caddesi Karamanlı / Burdur / Türkiye